hi sorry for not posting

hi ppl so im sorry for not posting recently its because ive taken a long break from wordpress and also i do have another wordpress that is called alittooy

here is a link: https://alittooy.wordpress.com/

i may or may not post more on there it depends and just a reminder i changed my animal jam username so now it is madlizard so yeah thats all for today keep jamming my youtube channel is: madlizard aj

here is a link to my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsQ4pv-39Qyc_LgDdQetA5A

red rare spike giveaway

i recently gave away a red short rare spike collar to Fernie8 she was so excited and happy to get it. and i hope she had fun with it. for those who don’t know i do monthly giveaways which may include 1 rare spike maybe black long wrist depending on what i have at the time of the giveaway. so all you need to enter is a jam a gram and gifts aren’t required. so enter my next giveaway sometime in April i may be doing a rare headdress giveaway.


hay everyone so guess what i got a second headdress then accepted a trade request it was a purple short rare spike collar and some really rare people say that a rare headdress is worth a orange long and add but nobody would do that and the first headdress i got someone traded it for my long green collar i think so i accepted not knowing they got the better deal but i really don’t care i love my headdress.