animal jam is so amazing

aj aj aj all i can talk about is aj in my sleep in the hall.

aj is in the air all around me if only life was like aj.

i would be doing well nice people to take care of me.

while i lay down still.

hovering over peoples shoulders looking for some fun.

waiting for the day to turn into dawn.

as i see the sky turn dark playing aj as a shark.

swimming in bahari bay waiting for a friend to play.

i love to play all day but i would then turn gray.

growing old and growing weak as the bones begin break.

in the sky and in the air aj is everywhere.

making kids happy making others sad.

hacking and scamming a poor poor lad.

people can be really mean when it comes to being extreme.

a famous jammer is only as good as his game.

don’t be that jammer who is allwas looking for a chance to pull a scheme.

larking around jamaa township playing his dirty game getting people to trust trade.



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  3. alittooy · February 6, 2015

    hi u rock

    Liked by 1 person

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