Hi animal jam so lately i got a short green spike collar and then someone traded me a headdress for it omg and later that week i got a long green spike on Candycrunch my friends aj account and omg i suspected i would get one and i did i was so excited. Then later that same day Candycrunch and i where together and she got a purple spike and before that i sent someone my short orange spike on accident i was so sad when i finally realized they had already sent it to a friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i told them what i did and she sent me back a non rare greenish spike and someone traded a silver spike for it so i am happy about that  and then Candycrunch sent me a early bday gift it was THE SPIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG YAY!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 BTW MY BDAY IS FEBRUARY 25 2 DAYS FROM NOW YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also have youtube so you can watch my vidios at this link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsQ4pv-39Qyc_LgDdQetA5A so go ahead and follow that or if it doesent work my youtube name is ise little.

instagram: alittooy/annelise_littooy

facebook: arlawes littooy

animal jam: alittooy/vampireloves

webkinz: lilyuo/littooya/racingwind

moshiemonsters: alittooy

club penguin: racingwind/iseiseise

i use twitter sometimes but don’t use it enough to answer any questions there.

PS i am trying to join the news crew for animal jam so if you would leave a good recommendation for me.

thank you



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