red rare spike giveaway

i recently gave away a red short rare spike collar to Fernie8 she was so excited and happy to get it. and i hope she had fun with it. for those who don’t know i do monthly giveaways which may include 1 rare spike maybe black long wrist depending on what i have at the time of the giveaway. so all you need to enter is a jam a gram and gifts aren’t required. so enter my next giveaway sometime in April i may be doing a rare headdress giveaway.



  1. kjiana · April 7, 2015

    wow, you didn’t give me one you only care about her not other people who is always with you talking to you , playing with you,making you laugh in spanish that hurts me!


    • arlawesomepants · December 15, 2015

      hi kiana i am sorry that i didnt ask you to enter the giveaway it was a long time ago and i never do giveaways anymore but i put the name of everyone who entered the giveaway into a hat and she won so it was fair and square im so sorry i didnt ask you to enter.


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