Hi animal jam so lately i got a short green spike collar and then someone traded me a headdress for it omg and later that week i got a long green spike on Candycrunch my friends aj account and omg i suspected i would get one and i did i was so excited. Then later that same day Candycrunch and i where together and she got a purple spike and before that i sent someone my short orange spike on accident i was so sad when i finally realized they had already sent it to a friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i told them what i did and she sent me back a non rare greenish spike and someone traded a silver spike for it so i am happy about that  and then Candycrunch sent me a early bday gift it was THE SPIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG YAY!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 BTW MY BDAY IS FEBRUARY 25 2 DAYS FROM NOW YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also have youtube so you can watch my vidios at this link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsQ4pv-39Qyc_LgDdQetA5A so go ahead and follow that or if it doesent work my youtube name is ise little.

instagram: alittooy/annelise_littooy

facebook: arlawes littooy

animal jam: alittooy/vampireloves

webkinz: lilyuo/littooya/racingwind

moshiemonsters: alittooy

club penguin: racingwind/iseiseise

i use twitter sometimes but don’t use it enough to answer any questions there.

PS i am trying to join the news crew for animal jam so if you would leave a good recommendation for me.

thank you


hi aj

hi sorry I couldn’t go on my other WordPress I didn’t have a code with me and I’m at school now so I’m using this one for now. I will go on my alittooy.WordPress.com after school and do a real post but for now I will tell you that yesterday I got a long pink rare spike wristband and I love it so much but I will be doing a giveaway on instagram so follow my account at alittooy you may get a long rare spike wristband

animal jam is so amazing

aj aj aj all i can talk about is aj in my sleep in the hall.

aj is in the air all around me if only life was like aj.

i would be doing well nice people to take care of me.

while i lay down still.

hovering over peoples shoulders looking for some fun.

waiting for the day to turn into dawn.

as i see the sky turn dark playing aj as a shark.

swimming in bahari bay waiting for a friend to play.

i love to play all day but i would then turn gray.

growing old and growing weak as the bones begin break.

in the sky and in the air aj is everywhere.

making kids happy making others sad.

hacking and scamming a poor poor lad.

people can be really mean when it comes to being extreme.

a famous jammer is only as good as his game.

don’t be that jammer who is allwas looking for a chance to pull a scheme.

larking around jamaa township playing his dirty game getting people to trust trade.